New year, new luck, new hits on the timeline. Trettmann is back - with the Berlin production team KitschKrieg and an EP of the same title. What you're listening to: his very own version of modern R&B.

Trettmann is the dancehall-and-beyond-Don from Leipzig. For almost ten years he has been tirelessly bringing swag and soul to the land of bars, rules and plastic beats.

KitschKrieg is the trio of °awhodat°, Fiji Kris and Fizzle. From their basement studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg, they are currently redefining what contemporary bass and pop music from Germany should sound like.

Now the four have teamed up for a complete EP. The sound on it is fed in equal parts from Trettmann's special feeling for flows and melody, the post-everything ethos of the WWW - and the eternally best feeling of being blown from a meter-high speaker tower against the next bar.

TRETTMANN - KITSCHKRIEGThe result is six small instant classics between couch and club. Anyone who only interprets “KitschKrieg” as a change from the dancehall director to the self-proclaimed “Trap Astaire” has never understood Trettmann's music. It brings together what belongs together, but is only too happy to be separated from the grail and genre goods of the German premium boxset business: message and bossdom, hype and attitude, dancing and dreams, Kingston and Kreuzberg, subcultural secret knowledge and larger-than-life pop. < / p>

So, on "Dosis", Trettmann struts through the darkness of the dancehall in a black hoodie and declares the nocturnal distraction to be a quasi-religious act of disobedience: fold your hands and rave! „Wolkenessen“ is an ode to sweet idleness and trees in Belize (as well as a radio hit for a better world). On “Skyline”, Trettmann rolls through a gloomy dystopia in slow motion, with his heart as a navigation system and a lot of autotune under the hood. And “Was solls” - last year's late summer anthem with Megaloh - is available here in an extra-trippy KitschKrieg remix.

TRETTMANN - KITSCHKRIEG “Visionär” is ultimately the most consistent possible implementation of the EP title. The song is a love song, but only on the surface. In the subtext it becomes a battle track, the ultimate declaration of war on conformity and greed, narrow-mindedness and false seriousness.

“Dekantier die Welt”, it says, “schenk uns reinen Wein ein.” Für mehr Wahrheit, mehr Kitsch, mehr Krieg, mehr Trettmann. Nie wieder Frieden."