2016 is Trettmann's year. Two acclaimed EPs. A brand new sound. Music peers praising him all the way. Songs with Megaloh, Kalim, Samy Deluxe and Haiyti, plus various contributions to the #1 album “Palmen aus Plastik” by Bonez MC & Raf Camora. The trap troubadour from Leipzig has what is usually called a run. Now the third part of his “KitschKrieg” trilogy appears.

When smart people look back on this season in a few years' time, it will be clear: Trettmann has shaped it. His melodic flow, his choice of words, his way of combining the sound of here and now with universal pop appeal - all of this is new and unique in Germany's music landscape. Which is watching him closely. With his two EPs “KitschKrieg” and “KitschKrieg 2” as well as selected guest appearances, the man from Leipzig has built up a new, small cult following. The industry whispers about this new veteran who apparently can only write hits. And fans sing along to every line at his shows. “Do you know Trettmann? His new stuff? You have to check it out.”

TRETTMANN x KITSCHKRIEG His new EP with Berlin-based producer collective KitschKrieg perfectly captures the energy of this moment. “KitschKrieg 3” is tipsy with a faint feeling of winning. At the same time, Trettmann is as hungry as after a long night in front of the burger joint: “Aus dem Nichts in die Champions League, Hombre – nie wieder Schlusslicht!”

The hit song of the EP is “Adriano”, a typical Trettmann tune who will immediately find its way into the canon of his underground hits. For the beat, KitschKrieg take up the fusion of afrobeats, dancehall and tropical house, which is currently regulating the charts worldwide - and puts Kreuzberg between the synths and syncopations. In addition, Trettmann has once again found his very own way of celebrating one's own glory: “Zieh an meinem Vapo, lieg’ auf dem Piano / Ihr seid mir egal, Adriano Celentano.” Big tune alert in ruby red.

TRETTMANN x KITSCHKRIEGThis particular swag is a leitmotif of the EP. So Trettmann praises himself and the whole KitschKrieg crew on “Ehrenrunde”: mixer wizards Fizzle and Fiji Kris (who just received a gold plaque as co-producer of the Beginner album “Advanced Chemistry”); photographer and video director °awhodat°; friends like Megaloh, Haiyti, Ufo361 and 187 Strassenbande. Conversely, “Wie du” (with a verse by Carsten Chemnitz, incidentally the lead singer of a sympathetic up-and-coming band called Kraftklub) is a broad side against mediocrity and follow-through, and at the same time a manifesto of one's own artistic independence: “Wollte nie sein wie deine Helden, oder jemand anders / Wollte nie sein wie du, hab meine eigenen Standards.”


At the same time, “KitschKrieg 3” again shows Trettmann's versatility as a songwriter and singer. “La Dolce Vita”, for example, is dedicated to the professional organization of an evening between sheets, befittingly with a bottle of Moët and a bag of weed. It's a classic slow jam, with a pristine piano beat and a shoutout to the R&B flatterer Brian McKnight - but also these typical Trettmann twists and references that pull the matter out of the cliché danger area from one second to the next and take you to a completely different universe.

“In meinem Leben”, after all, is a bittersweet break-up anthem sung on the same beat as “Akku” by Haiyti. This creative riddim recycling is already a small tradition at KitschKrieg, where making music is always a family affair: “2016 ist unser Jahr, Übernahme, Schlussstrich.”