JUICE and splash! mag know. Samy Deluxe and UFO361 know. All the damn ravers in the damn club know. TRETTMANN has the 🔥 for 2016 - and with “KitschKrieg 2” the second EP is now ready within a few weeks.

From being Leipzig's dancehall don to post-trap troubadour from the clouds. From the lone fighter valued in specialist circles to the harbinger of a new movement. TRETTMANN and his reincarnation are the surprise of the current music year. At the end of January his EP “KitschKrieg” was released on the Berlin label SoulForce Records. Since then, the music press and network community have been collectively upside down. The feature requests crowd in the inbox. And hits like “Skyline” or “Raver” waft from the clubs into the crack of dawn, as if this country had never had a problem in the area of ​​“dance hall entertainment and mother tongue”.

TRETTMANN has always loved and lived all kinds of music. Sade and Anita Baker, Garnett Silk and Mavado, Biggie and Jay-Z, The-Dream and Usher, Young Thug and Travi$ Scott. He's studied the classic albums and pumped the latest hits for years. He internalized the flows of the great and found his own language in them. With the producer collective KitschKrieg, TRETTMANN finally has the musical environment to create a coherent and diverse sound from all these influences - and to write real hymns for the here and now.

TRETTMANN - KITSCHKRIEG 2"KitschKrieg 2” is the next manifestation of this momentum. For “Bukanier”, TRETTMANN hoists the pirate flag, raises his glass and sails in slow motion through a foggy night towards the festive land. On “Lila Frühling” he throws moula and metaphors around. And with “120 Jahre” there will be a summit meeting of the future with the Hamburg newcomer Haiyti. The piece is nominally a party song: “I'm not coming out of the club, I'll have another bottle”. But between the triumphant kicks and the jittery hi-hats, subtle melancholy shimmers through, as well as fine laconic irony.

In these moments, the unlikely duo is reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde with a trunk full of rum bottles, of Nina Hagen and Udo Lindenberg in turn-up mode. Or to put it another way: trill wave and Neue Deutsche Welle have never been closer.

Finally, on“ Alles Echt ”, TRETTMANN puts his melodic flow over a grime riddim from the Kreuzberg-based KitschKrieg lab - Eski synth and Wiley sample included. It's a tribute from long-time fans to the genre's early days; the unfiltered energy of roaring raves and the noise on pirate radio; of simply doing it and wanting to change the world. This closes the circle to TRETTMANN, who never wanted to belong to a scene and in this way created his own. “I didn't start all of this just to please you all / Did it all for me, now it's starting to please all of you / Everyone wants me to keep doing this, 'but I don't owe anyone a favor / Fizzle says If I continue like this, we will fill halls in winter. " Truss ‘im daddy!

(Oh, there’s also a remix for “Skyline”. With a certain Samy Deluxe and a certain UFO361 and a certain DJ Stylewarz. No big deal.)