2016 was a big year for Megaloh and Trettmann. One delivered the rap album of the year (JUICE), the other turned the German music world upside down with his enigmatic post-cloud pop. Now they are doing something together for an EP. Two kings. A professionally smoked-out booth. Nuff vibes.

Megaloh and Trettmann. The people's tribune from Moabit and the based Adriano Celentano from Leipzig. The MC assassin with the inexhaustible supply of flow and the trap troubadour with the special feel for hooks and harmonies. Under the Vibes supervision of KitschKrieg, their talents are now perfectly combined. Everything flows, everything thunders, everything fits. “Swagger so anormal / natural natural!”

MEGALOH, TRETTMANN & KITSCHKRIEGThe biographies of Megaloh and Trettmann could hardly be more different. One of them grew up in Berlin with Nigerian roots. With the authority of a real lyricist, he marches through the German rap world, most recently at the side of Max Herre and his Nesola camp. The other was socialized in the eighties by Westradio and breakdancing, and for years he held up the dancehall flag in Germany. Last year he surprised himself with his dance style and everyone else with his reincarnation as a futuristic post-everything crooner.

MEGALOH, TRETTMANN & KITSCHKRIEGWhat Megaloh and Trettmann have in common are their roots in sound system culture. Both celebrated and studied the music of Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy, Beenie Man or Popcaan. Bass was their teacher, the hunt for the next Rewind-worthy line is their obsession. You could already hear that on the joint songs "Was solls?" (2015) and "Wer hat die Hitze" (2016). And you can hear that even more clearly on “Herb und Mango”. The format is hip-hop, the samples are reggae, the attitude is yard - we're killing and what are you doing? This has nothing to do with the contemporary growth of so many rappers and pop stars who are currently packing a bit of hip-hop-reggae-Inna-dancehall-style into their shopping carts. Mega and Tretti feel the shit - and naturally place themselves in a traditional line from BDP and BCC to Drizzy and Tory Lanez.

MEGALOH, TRETTMANN & KITSCHKRIEG“Herb und Mango” was produced by KitschKrieg. The history of the collective from Berlin-Kreuzberg - consisting of Fizzle, Fiji Kris and °awhodat° - is also inextricably linked with Jamaican bashment and its global offshoots. Fiji Kris used to torch towering bass boxes with Symbiz; as SoulForce, Fizzle tinkered with crazy blends and future riddims (including with Jr. Blender, long before he began to rattle off world hits for Diplo and Major Lazer). In 2016 they worked as KitschKrieg with Haiyti, Joey Bargeld, Bonez MC & Raf Camora, Beginner and of course Trettmann.

MEGALOH, TRETTMANN & KITSCHKRIEGJanuary 2017: The world seems to agree again on isolation and exclusion as a panacea. Megaloh, Tretttmann and KitschKrieg, however, break free and continue to tear down walls. Against the cold, for love, good taste and for ensuring that the fire doesn't stop burning. So - who's got the heat?🔥 🔥 🔥