Some things just have to be done. 6 months after the second EP by KitschKrieg and Joey Bargeld, EP No. 3 is being released, dubbed as "1.11". Four nicely polished pop songs with catchy hooks, easily compatible themes and arrangements suitable for radio. Not..

It starts with the hymn “500 auf Kommi” . Its simplicity demonstrates how consistent you can be: "Give me 500, I don't trust you." Ok, as far as you understand, that's a dealer's multiplication table. It is hardly surprising that you want to ram your elbows in your face during the mosh pit. All right.

“Freunde” with Haiyti on the hook it is a hit for the feature pages and at the same time one of the most absurd covers of modern times, as 80s combo Fraktus is being unearthed. The fact that Joey and Haiyti go together like Udo and Nina is not new, and that KitschKrieg know how to stage it isn't either. Nevertheless, one can be grateful for songs that give art priority over Spotify compatibility.

It continues with the educational mandate “Party / Leben” . Joey & KitschKrieg demonstrate how little they need to make your jaw drop. You want a party song, you get a party song. To top it off, there is “Highway” that hits you in the face with unpunished despair. Where others pretend, Bargeld simply reports from his life. It's not always nice, but it's real - and that's also the reason why Joey and KitschKrieg go so well together.

With EP No. 3 the series is finished and you can now listen to all 3 EPs one after the other and pretend that it is an album. Clever.