Every vote counts? Nope. At the moment, only that of Haiyti aka Robbery counts. Within just a few months, the Hamburg native turned the German rap world completely inside out. Nobody has so much energy, so much attitude, so many secret hits, real rap. Her new EP with the KitschKrieg producer team is now out.

Haiyti graces the cover of Germany's best pop magazine, Das Wetter. Features with Trettmann, Frauenarzt and Juicy Gay. Underground anthems like “City Tarif” or “WKM$N$HG (Remix)”. Haiyti from Hamburg is the woman of the moment. She has helped shape the current Don't-Do-It-Trap movement in Germany and, at the same time, goes beyond its scope. She tells stories from real life and draws blurry images of surreal beauty. She doesn't give a fuck and thus transports more emotion and empathy than all the rappers of her generation could ever do.

For “Toxic”, Haiyti is now working together with the Kreuzberg KitschKrieg collective. The gang around FIJI KRIS, Fizzle and °awhodat° already led Trettmann's astonishing transformation into a futuristic flash pop troubadour. Together with Haiyti, they are now straightening out the world again, as they please. The six tracks contain Three 6 Mafia and crazy trap, Nina Hagen and extra Neue Deutsche Welle, the attitude of punk, the perspective of the hood and bass from a dystopian dancehall.


In any case, Haiyti has nothing in common with the current wave of interchangeable turn-up trolls. Sure, she knows how to party. But her horizon and her talent reach far beyond the next treat. “Toxic” shows her full potential as an instinct songwriter. Six tracks, six hits. And six little mysteries that deprive all smartasses of interpretative sovereignty over Haiyti's work, line by line.

There's the first Soundcloud single “Akku”, which sounds like an overexposed summer day in the park, cheerful and melancholic at the same time. There is “1 Messer”, in which all the garish nuances between intoxication and downwardness are reflected. And there is “Zeitboy”, an apocalyptic love song with the mysterious Joey Bargeld, disguised as pleasant Euro Trap: “Was interessiert uns die Zukunft? Gar nix!”


On “Träne”, Haiyti finally makes it clear that she wants to belong to herself all by herself. “Nur einer kann mich richten und er sieht, wie ich weine,” she sings in the hook, and at this moment - in an unfathomable way deeply sad and yet full of pride - everything seems to break out that always subliminally distinguishes Haiyti's art. The defiant, seemingly unstructured beauty of her words. The profound something that doesn't need any deepness phrases taken from the German rap kit. Your unconditional refusal to submit to the rules of others. Your view of the other side of the night.

The world is glittering. But so are Haiyti's tears. Everything is poisoned. But let no one say that this woman did not warn you.