Football references might be lame AF, but Noah Slee is a special one indeed. Much more than that new R&B kid on the blog, his is the ability to defy any notion of time and tempo with nothing but a few heartfelt words and his spaced-out falsetto. His debut EP, To Your Inner Hippie & Cos You Fly As Fuck, is set to drop on January 29th on Berlin’s SoulForce Records.

It’s been an eventful year for Noah Slee. Only a couple of months ago the Tonga-born, New Zealand-raised singer connected with Berlin production team KitschKrieg and found a new home amidst the city’s thriving creative scene. Since then he has toured with Hiatus Kaiyote and Fat Freddy’s Drop, laid down vocals at the storied Abbey Road Studios, and collected praises from the likes of Noisey and Afropunk for his breakout single, ‘Can’t Let Go’. Most importantly though, he has found a sound. His sound.

To Your Inner Hippie & Cos You Fly As Fuck marks the next step in his evolution. Noah takes cues from a blurry past to create something that firmly points into the future. From the sparse, folky instrumentation of ‘I See You’ to the lush, synth-fueled slo-mo-trap on ‘Green Koala’ – his songs defy any notion of time and space, truly settling into their own tone and tempo. ‘Never’ is a feverish love letter written by insomnia. ‘Rampant’ is classic soul, framed by a subtly triumphant hip-hop beat. And ‘Can’t Let Go’ is gospel in its essence, fuelled by yesterday’s pain and the sounds of tomorrow.

The EP’s six songs are about breaking up, breaking down and finding love again when happiness feels like a dream long lost. It’s about the in-betweens of hope and hate, anguish and joy, old and new. More than a storyteller, Noah Slee is a story-embodier: filling every note, every line, every damn syllable with (real) life and meaning.

To Your Inner Hippie & Cos You Fly As Fuck was written and produced in collaboration with

KitschKrieg―the trio of Teka, Symbiz Sound’s Chris and SoulForce mastermind Fizzle―with one additional contribution from fellow Berliner Ben Esser. Imagine the Dungeon Family on a field trip around Berlin’s night clubs, crossed with an electrified re- incarnation of the Soulquarians, all with an unapologetic Kreuzberg attitude and a deep love for the Innanet’s post-everything state of mind.

From the basement, from the heart. To your inner hippie, because you too are fly AF.